The 100K Training Plan for Everybody

If you have signed up for the 100k training plan or planning to do so. You have to be mentally and physically prepared for what’s coming your way. The 100k training plan is designed for individuals who wish to build fitness and increase their stamina. The training plan is designed starting from a very basic level and then moving to harder parts. The training plan focuses on building muscle and stamina for 16 weeks.

This training plan is best for strengthening and cross-training. So, if you have jumped on the bandwagon of doing 100 kilometers ultramarathon, it is time you start training. So, all you need to do is indulge yourself in a 100k training plan made by professional athletes and nutritionists.

An Ultimate Guide to Get Started on the 100K Training Plan

Ask yourself, are you ready to compete in the ultramarathon? Is your body physically prepared to overcome the stress? Are you stressing out about how you will complete it? Well, not to worry. As we have got you sorted. The 100k training plan focuses on how mentally and physically challenging the entire journey can be. For those 16 weeks, you will understand everything you are capable of. From steady running to hill training and whatnot. This plan has everything you need.

If you have run a marathon before, you are already aware of doing 20 to 50 miles a week. As your body has gotten used to it, you will be more comfortable and confident to focus on training more. The training plan will have long runs but a slower pace than marathons. The 100k training program focuses significantly on timing. And so, your training will focus on getting more distance covered in a shorter period. For instance, if you can do a mile in 10 minutes, you will be pushed to cover the same distance in lesser time duration.

Moreover, it is always better to take part in short day-to-day events. Where you are asked to compete against several other athletes and cover a 50k race. It is going to help you in the long run as your body will get used to it. The training plan consists of the base building runs where you are required to run at a moderate pace. The second training focuses on hill and speedwork. Usually, Wednesday is kept for hill workouts. It is a course of over 62 miles.

Why You Need a Coach and a Training Plan

If you are going to do a 100k marathon, it is better to get help from experts. As a beginner or even an expert, you still need someone to coach you and give you the necessary teachings. It is a better idea to have someone to guide and prepare you. With the 100k training plan, you will run over 70 miles a week.

In a nutshell, the 100k training plan is not easy. It requires you to be mindful, consistent, and stay motivated for what’s coming your way. Most importantly, focus on your diet and lifestyle. The best you can do is research and do your homework.

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