Benefits of Running 3 Miles a Day

We spend quite a bit of time in a sedentary fashion. This lack of movement is certainly not great for our health. This can detract from both our physical and our mental health. If you are looking at ways to ensure that you keep your mind sharp and your body fit for what may come your way, it is necessary to really develop an exercise routine.

It is this fantastic routine that will ensure that you stay in shape over the long term.

When looking at a running routine, it can certainly help to compound your benefits over time and get better.

No matter what, running is the best way to stay fit and keep your body healthy. Unless you are a marathon runner, running 3 miles a day is an effective yet simple way to lose those extra pounds. One thing to be clear on. Running less than 3 miles a day does not mean you will not burn calories. Calories are burned in any amount of running.

Do you want to run 3 miles a day? Do you ask yourself, will running 3 miles a day lose weight for those that do it? Then, let us take a look at some more information below.

What are the Benefits of Running 3 Miles a Day

Whenever we think of exercise, the first thing that is likely to pop into our minds is losing weight. However, let us be honest. That’s not the only thing that’s going to happen. Running 3 miles a day has a lot of other benefits. Without any further ado, let us take a look at them.

#1. Bones

Running is a great way to strengthen the bones. According to experts, running increases your bone density as compared to walking. It means running 3 miles every day will put the right amount of stress on your body that’s needed to increase your bone strength.

#2. Calories

Calories, calories, and calories. A lazy or sedentary lifestyle is not going to help you burn any calories. The more you are active, the more calories you burn. And so, running is a super effective yet simple way to burn them. Did you know jogging for about 30 minutes burns 295 calories? However, the amount of calories burned is subjective. It means it depends upon several factors, including speed, gender, body weight, and terrain.

#3. Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Just like any other physical activity, running strengthens your heart. It improves lung functions and increases your body stamina. According to health experts, a person should run at least 20 minutes five days a week. Adding more physical activity to your everyday routine keeps you active and going!

How to Develop a Running Habit

Despite all the benefits listed above, if you are not into running, it’s time you get started. Start small. Start by running one mile every day. Slowly increase your pace and decrease the time duration. For instance, if it takes you 20 minutes to run one mile, make it 15 minutes. Slowly increase the distance. In this way, you will be able to cover 3 miles every day. Make a habit of running 3 miles every day. However, ensure to take solid breaks and warm-ups in between.

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