How Long To Walk a Marathon

When trying something new, it is best not to overexert yourself. You can find that pushing yourself to your limits is great but you must get there gradually to continue to build up strength. In essence, the main point is that you want to build up strength over time and practice good habits that will help you get to where you want to go.

It is important to think about this when you are thinking about walking a marathon.

Many people consider walking the marathon as something they must attempt in their lifetime. They may think about the walking marathon time and they may also want to start training to walk marathon races.

In truth, walking a marathon is an enduring feat that requires proper guidance and adequate training. But how long does it take to walk a marathon?

One thing should be clear; you don’t need to be a professional runner to complete a marathon. Most marathon walkers set individual goals when taking the standard 26.2-mile marathon competition. It generally takes six to eight hours (or more) to complete a marathon at a walking pace. It must ring in your mind that walking a marathon is not as tiresome as doing a running one. It takes self-dedication and proper training to achieve this goal.

Here are the elements that will determine the time you will take to walk a marathon.

The wear or gear you choose for the marathon walk

Having the right type of wear or gear determines how comfortable you will be while taking the marathon walk and, ultimately, the time you will take to complete the race. Here are the elements you MUST consider to walk a marathon in the standard six to eight hours:

The shoes

Getting proper shoes is a near-assurance that you will be comfortable when walking the marathon. In particular, shoes will help you lessen fatigue, cushion your feet, and minimize the impact of the long-distance walk.

The Clothing

You need clothes that will help you minimize chafing. Also, ensure that your clothes are appropriate for the season when you go for a marathon walk. Get a fitness tracker, a phone holder, and the right gear for rainy, sunny, windy and winter weather.

Get the right training

In particular, train in all conditions. Remember, you will not choose to avoid the rain, snow or wind on the race day. Also, take time to learn how to use your gear to avoid surprises that may come on the big day.

Get proper nutrition and hydration

Remember, you will be walking for hours. It will be a great idea to get the right energy snacks, electrolytes and water. Also, learn what to consume to fuel your marathon walk.

Try building your base mileage

Get a solid walking foundation before delving into the marathon. Ensure that you can walk briskly and comfortably for hours. Gradually develop your mileage before you go for the marathon.

Keep injuries a bay

Injuries like chafing and blisters will demean you the comfort you need when taking the marathon walk. Try as much as possible to avoid these injuries on your chest, feet, crotch or armpits.

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