36th Edition of the Marathon des Sables

If you are an adventure athlete, there is a chance you are already aware of the 26th Edition of the Marathon des Sables. Previously, the 26th edition of the Marathon des Sables took place. Yes, that is right, this event just recently passed by!

Of course, this means that you can look forward to the next one. There is quite likely a lot of excitement around the next few events and you can be a participant as well. Let us learn more about this previous event and the different high points of the race.

The Race Was Fantastic. Indeed it was a dream come true for some of the most energetic and popular participants and there is quite a bit to learn about the new race!

The 36th Edition Is Coming Up!

This year, the 36th edition of the marathon des sables is all set to take place. The 36th race is a foot race, where runners and walkers will have to cover a distance of over 250 kilometers. The race consists of several stages. Participants are recommended to bring their racing gear, including sleeping material and other necessary items. Most importantly, it is advised that all participants should bring food items that are handy and give them enough energy to endure the deadliest experience.

The Different Crucial Details

According to the general race terms and conditions, participants need to sign an agreement. Participants have to pay a fee of $5000 to get themselves enrolled. The general terms and conditions are viewable on the given website.


One of the general terms and conditions to get enrolled is that participants must be over 18. Anyone willing to participate below 18 years of age will be disqualified from the competition. However, participants over the age of 16 can also sign up, but they need to have a written agreement signed by their quadrant or parent. The written agreement shows the guardian has permitted them.

It is essential to know there is no gender classification in the game. Male and females both can take part in it. People above the age of 18 till 80 are allowed to take part in it. This year, the marathon is all set to start on 25 March 2022.

Program of the Marathon des Sables, 36th edition

The event is planned as the following.

25- March 2022- Participants will depart from Morocco. Lunch packages and dinner are provided by the authorities.
26- March 2022- Participants will undergo medical formalities, including a medical check-up to check their fitness. Lunch and dinner will be provided.
27- March to 1- April- from 27-March-2022 till 1-April-2022, the marathon race will take place.
2- April- Solidary stage with food distribution. Participants will be transferred to their respective hotels with free transportation and lunch packages. The dinner will be served at the hotel.
3- April- Breakfast, and dinner will be provided to the participants. This day is kept free to let participants mingle with others. It helps them get to know each other well and make new friends.
4- April- Participants will be allowed to leave to their respective countries. Breakfast will be provided by the authorities.

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