Half Marathon – An Ultimate Guide 2022

You have taken it upon yourself to improve your habits and to try new things in the new year.

One of the habits is to run and to run well.

Before you sign up for the half marathon race, there are several things that you need to be aware of. The half marathon is no piece of cake, but it isn’t rocket science, on the other hand.

The real question is, are you ready for a marathon race? Or are you prepared for a half marathon? Well, a marathon and half marathon are poles apart. Just as the name suggests, each of them is different


Everything You Need to Know About Half Marathon Guide 2022

So now that you have decided to compete in the half marathon race, where to begin? Before you throw your hard-earned money to get yourself trained. There is a lot that you need to know. For a half marathon race, you can start practicing it by yourself. With some basic guidelines and research, you will know how to get started.

#1. Distance

The half marathon is about 13 miles. It means there is an average of over 23,000 steps. 23,000 steps make 69,000 feet. The point is a half marathon is no joke. You need to take the distance seriously and start training your body mentally and physically to perform well.

#2. Training Plan

To be able to run a 50k race, you need someone to train you or follow a training plan. And for this purpose, do your research. Look for what’s right for you and get started!

#3. Shoes

Never underestimate what a pair of shoes can do to you. A pair of shoes can either make you or break you. Yes, that’s right! It is essential to invest in a solid pair of shoes. They should be comfortable and don’t get worn out after a run of 10 miles. Most importantly, make sure you have a backup pair of shoes. It is recommended to buy two pairs of shoes that are the same. To be on the safer side, you can rotate them every day.

#4. Strong Running Base

Strengthening your running base varies from person to person. Some marathoners take weeks to endure different kinds of exercise. The best you can do is indulge yourself in marathon training with a basic level running base. Start by pacing up. In a 12 week training, you will find yourself with a strong and increased mileage.

#5. Cross-training

While training for the half marathon, most runners overlook cross-training. However, never underestimate what cross-training can do for you. It can cause injuries and even cause permanent damage to your body.

#6. Diet

As they say, you are what you eat. And so, for a runner, food is the fuel. Avoid eating junk food as they are full of empty calories. Look for food groups that will give you enough nutrition and energy. Most runners go on a clean eating diet during the training. It helps them gain sufficient energy.

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