Marathon des Sables – Worlds Hardest Race

We all appreciate challenges. A few of us appreciate them more than others.One of the large challenges from a sports standpoint, or rather, an exercise standpoint, is that of the Marathon des Sables.

What is the Marathon des Sables?

The Marathon des Sables, also referred to as the Marathon of the Sands, is one of the most challenging races in the world. As sports enthusiasts, there is a chance you are already aware of the difficulties and daunting things racers face during it. Of course, the competition takes place globally.

People from over 40 different countries take part in the thrilling race. Did you know two people lost their lives during the race? Yes, no wonder it is the toughest race in the world. Previously, over 700 participants took part in the race belonging from various countries, including Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, China, and many more.

Let us find out more about this marathon and why many people are interested in it.


The Cost of The Competition

One of the most common questions we come across is, is taking part in the competition free of cost? Well, the answer to it is simple. No, it isn’t. However, this doesn’t stop people from taking part in it. The fee is about $5000 per participant.

Rich, a participant, shared his experience of Marathon des Sables. According to him, there is nothing more satisfying than taking part in the deadliest race. Yes, the chances of surviving are less. But the adrenaline rush a person experiences to suffer in the heat and sand is beyond that.

The Sahara Marathon

This race is also referred to as the Sahara Marathon. It takes place in the Moroccan Sahara desert. It consists of two stages. The first and the foremost stage is the longest. It consists of 76km. However, the second stage is short yet difficult too. It consists of 13 km only where 25% of it is covered with dunes.

If you have ever visited Morocco, you might be aware of the heat there. The temperatures are known to go up during the summers. Moreover, the Sahara desert is the hottest in the world. The beautiful brown landscape is covered with dunes. Additionally, the racing distance varies each year.


How to Sign Up for Marathon Des Sables?

Are you looking for a way to sign up for Marathon Des Sables? Well, not to worry. We have got you covered. If you have a British or an American passport, you can sign up by visiting the official website. After signing up, you will pay the fees of almost $5000, 4300 pounds. This fee includes meals and other necessities. However, you still need to take the racing gear along with you. It is not provided by the authorities.

When does the Marathon des Sables take place?

The competition takes place each year in the mid of April.

Are you interested in signing up for the race? There are many different aspects to think about when it comes to this race! We have shared a few of the details above. Good luck!

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