Benefits of Running A Mile A Day

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, following the protocols and restrictions has made us lazier. It is not as if we are purposefully being lazy. It is more like we have been through a lot and may have adjusted to different habits.

The isolation has excluded exercising from our routines. Of course, continuous episodes of lockdowns made us have no chance for outdoor activities. However, now that the restrictions have eased up. It is time we take control of our overall well-being.

No matter what, running is one of the top exercises to get your body moving. Be it running at a high or a low pace, you just need to get moving. There are several benefits to running every day. However, distance and speed matter the most. The more distance you cover, the better impact it has on your body. And so, running a mile every day has several benefits. Even though running only a mile is not enough, it is a great way to get started.

Remember that you do not have to worry about how many miles to run to lose weight, or if you need to run a mile a day initially, you just need to start.

What are the Benefits of Running a Mile A Day

Without any delay, let us look at the benefit of running a mile every day has on your body and well-being.

#1. Heart Health

Your heart needs energy. Running makes the heart improve significantly. It is because the cardiac muscles and lungs contract and become harder. It strengthens the muscles. As you run, the heart rate increases, increasing your oxygen intake.

#2. Stress

It is time to say goodbye to stress. Yes, that’s right! Running a mile every day reduces stress. It decreases the chances of headaches and fatigue. It reduces stress hormones and so promotes relaxation and positivity. Run a mile to minimize your stress.

#3. Depression

One of the significant problems that COVID 19 has caused is depression. With each day passing by, more and more depression cases are increasing. Apart from other ways, running is an excellent way to fight it off. Did you know running causes the same chemical release as an antidepressant? It makes your mood better. And most importantly, after a good run, you feel like you have accomplished something. So, if you suffer from anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health issues, it is time you start running a mile a day.

#4. Shred Some Weight

One of the most significant reasons why people start incorporating running in their daily routines is because of losing weight. Yes, apart from other benefits it has on you. It helps you lose those extra pounds. If you run one mile at a higher speed, you will burn more calories than you know.

#5. Bones

As you age, your bones are prone to becoming weak. And so, running is an excellent way to keep them strong. Yes, running increases bone density. It helps build strong bones. It reduces the risk of bone injury such as fractures.

#6. Cancer

The medicine to fight cancer is still unknown. However, incorporating running every day reduces the risk of cancer. It lowers hormone levels, improves the immune system, and benefits growth factors. All of it combines to lower the risk of getting cancer.

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