Why are You Running?

There are many different reasons to run in this life. One primary reason is that it helps you to focus your mind on something more productive

At the same time, it does not require extensive calculations or immense brain work. Instead, it requires mental strength. At the same time, we will also see that running contributes to better health. We know that running helps individuals to refine their bodies and to sharpen their minds as they stay alert and continue to keep up their momentum.

If you are looking into running, read on!

Why Are You Involved In Running?

Why? Why would you spare your precious time to run 26.2 miles? 26.2 miles is a long way. However, hundreds of thousands of people are ready to take this challenge every year. Research conducted by Runningusa.org reveals that there has been a 1 percent increase in the number of marathon finishers in the United States every year.

But why would you choose to run? Well, most runners will tell you that there is a sense of joy, boosting their self-esteem, confidence, and emotional boost after completing a race. In particular, running gives you the rare opportunity to test all your limits, which can only be described as nothing but miraculous.

Here is why you are running

Let us take a look at the few reasons why many people run.

#1 To improve your physical health

Running has many physical health benefits for your body. The physical exercises you expose your bones and muscles to when running. Here are the health benefits you get from running:

  • Strengthening your heart by maintaining a healthy blood pressure

  • Improving your immune system

  • Increasing your muscle strength

  • Better sleep after exhaustion

  • Improves your physical fitness

  • Accelerating your weight loss and leg toning goals

  • It helps you burn thousands of calories and create room for additional calories

#2 To improve your mental health

Running long races will help you hone your mental strength as you develop an effective coping system that will help you deal with harsh conditions and cultivate consistency. Running will also help you reap the following mental health gains:

  • Stress reduction – Running helps you handle life’s challenges by strengthening your mental resilience.

  • Increased motivation- Training for any race needs a lot of dedication, commitment, and self-motivation. The seriousness of the task keeps you focused and motivated to stick to the agreed schedule.

  • Similarly, research shows that running can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders.

#3 Running will benefit your soul

Running is not just good for your mind and body; it is an excellent meal for your soul. Here’s how running will benefit your soul:

  • You will go into the race to offer support for a good cause – Imagine running to fight cancer or help victims of a natural disaster.

  • It is an excellent opportunity to expand your social circle as you will meet and make new friends.

  • You may take running as an opportunity to strengthen your relationships by welcoming family and friends to run with you.

  • It is a gesture of love.

Have fun while you are exploring the world and running!

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